The new CBS Evening News anchor is a good sport about a touched-up photo

Vanity, thy name is not Katie Couric.

The incoming CBS Evening News anchor is taking in good stride articles in both the New York Post and the city’s Daily News that show a photo of her in CBS promotional magazine Watch! that was digitally altered to make her look about 20 lbs. thinner.

“I liked the first picture better because there’s more of me to love,” quipped the former Today host, according to the Daily News.

Couric, 49, also said she was unaware that the photo – taken at CBS’s May upfront presentation to advertisers – would be touched up until the September issue of Watch! crossed her desk. (The publication goes to CBS stations and to passengers aboard American Airlines.)

“The editorial staff of Watch! magazine retouched the photo without the knowledge of Miss Couric and CBS News management,” CBS spokeswoman Dana McClintock told the Daily News.

CBS News President Sean McManus told the paper he was “obviously surprised and disappointed when I heard about it,” adding, “But having time to consider, I’ve asked that 3 inches in height be added to my official CBS photo.”

Couric makes her debut as Evening News anchor on Sept. 5.