Kathy Griffin's Campaign Strategy for Levi Johnston: Go Shirtless

"The campaign would be based on me being the first lady," the comedian says, lending her support for Johnston's Wasilla mayoral bid

Photo: Luis Marinez/PictureGroup

Move over, Jimmy Kimmel. Kathy Griffin is gunning to be Levi Johnston’s campaign manager as he runs for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, and she even has a strategy all dreamed up.

“The campaign would be based on me being the first lady,” the comedian, who once feigned a relationship with Johnston for laughs, tells PEOPLE. “But it would also be based on a celebration of Levi trolling the town shirtless – or being photographed in the shower in various stages of undress.”

While Kimmel offered his services (in jest) a week ago, Griffin points out that the former Playgirl model’s mayoral bid is less about “pomp and circumstance” and more about “pomp and naked stance.”

While Franklin Roosevelt had his Fireside Chats, Griffin foresees something less formal – and less-clothed – during Johnston’s potential term.

“We would probably do shower chats,” she says, while attending the Audi & Chopard Pre-Emmy Party at Cecconi’s in Beverly Hills, “semi-nude, or nude, from our place in Wasilla. Frankly, I think that’s his ticket.”

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