"The campaign would be based on me being the first lady," the comedian says, lending her support for Johnston's Wasilla mayoral bid

By Reagan Alexander
August 23, 2010 11:35 AM
Luis Marinez/PictureGroup

Move over, Jimmy Kimmel. Kathy Griffin is gunning to be Levi Johnston’s campaign manager as he runs for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, and she even has a strategy all dreamed up.

“The campaign would be based on me being the first lady,” the comedian, who once feigned a relationship with Johnston for laughs, tells PEOPLE. “But it would also be based on a celebration of Levi trolling the town shirtless – or being photographed in the shower in various stages of undress.”

While Kimmel offered his services (in jest) a week ago, Griffin points out that the former Playgirl model’s mayoral bid is less about “pomp and circumstance” and more about “pomp and naked stance.”

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While Franklin Roosevelt had his Fireside Chats, Griffin foresees something less formal – and less-clothed – during Johnston’s potential term.

“We would probably do shower chats,” she says, while attending the Audi & Chopard Pre-Emmy Party at Cecconi’s in Beverly Hills, “semi-nude, or nude, from our place in Wasilla. Frankly, I think that’s his ticket.”