Kathy Griffin: Split-Screen Made Rosie Leave 'The View'

During a stand-up routine, the comedian reveals details of O'Donnell's departure

Comedian Kathy Griffin – who guest co-hosted The View one day after the big fight between Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck – revealed some details about O’Donnell’s departure from the show, during a comedy act Saturday night.

“I don’t even know where to start,” she told a sold-out crowd at the Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. “I tell you who I got a call from [on Friday]. ‘Hey Kath. It’s Ro. What are you doing? Wanna hang out?’ I spent the whole day with Rosie! How about that!?'”

So what did Rosie do on Friday? She lived by the lyrics of “Girls Just Wanna have Fun,” and took Griffin to watch pal Cyndi Lauper rehearse for her upcoming True Colors Tour. Later, the trio went out for dinner in Manhattan, “and the mojitos were flying,” said Griffin (who doesn’t drink, and stuck with Diet Pepsi). “It was fun.”

Griffin has guest-hosted on The View twice in the last two weeks, “so I was there before, and after the whole split-screen, Hannity and Colmes s—,” she said.

Revealing a conversation she had with O’Donnell about how the show’s producers split O’Donnell’s image with Hasselbeck’s during their fight, Griffin said: “And that’s what it was. I said, ‘What was really it?’ And she said, ‘The split-screen.’ She said, ‘I don’t want to do Hannity and Colmes. ‘ ”

Griffin also explained O’Donnell’s reaction to news that Donald Trump had called Hasselbeck “stupid” in TV interviews. “Awww. that’s sad,” was her reaction, according to Griffin, who added: “So, she doesn’t even hate Elisabeth.”

Griffin also praised O’Donnell, saying: “I think she’s a pistol, and she’s outspoken and fun and says outrageous things. That show’s not going to be the same without her, whether you like her or not.”

Finally she hinted that The View will have to find a replacement for O’Donnell, to which a number of audience members started chanting “Kathy!”

Griffin, whose name has been mentioned by many TV critics as a possible replacement, responded with a simple, “Thank you. We’ll see what happens.”

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