Kathy Griffin Says Ageism Is a 'Daily Battle' In Hollywood: 'I'm In a Weird Category'

Kathy Griffin is fighting the good fight – against ageism in Hollywood.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE the comedian and actress opens up about the “daily battle” of being told that she’s too old for certain roles and opportunities.

“I would say that sexism and ageism is probably my two biggest obstacles,” comments Griffin, who says at 55 has found herself in a “weird category.”

“I would talk about this with my pal Joan Rivers a lot, you know she would say that people would put her with Phyllis Diller all the time but there was like 20 years between them,” Griffin says. “Then there was just Joan and she was in a category of her own and she had to work so hard, and struggle so much to be treated with the respect that she deserved.”

“I’ve just been told everything from ‘Female driven sit coms don’t make as much money as male driven sit coms’ which can’t be true because look at I Love Lucy, Roseanne or The Golden Girls! Then I’ve had network executives tell me ‘We’re just not considering females at this time.’ I would be hearing ‘They like you, they’ve just decided to go younger.'”

As well as playing Vicki Groener on Suddenly Susan from 1996 to 2000, Griffin has enjoyed a number of roles on shows including Glee, Drop Dead Diva and Ugly Betty.

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