Cooper might think twice before complaining about being pale

By Naja Rayne
Updated January 01, 2016 12:05 PM

Anderson Cooper is looking really festive these days!

As the clock ticked down to New Year’s, Kathy Griffin continued to embarrass her co-host, this time by putting a spoon over his eyes and spray-painting his face gold.

Griffin considered the prank “spray-tanning,” as a remedy for Cooper’s prior complaint that he was too pale. But Cooper got a bit of a surprise when he learned he was glittery gold rather than tanned.

Despite being shocked, he was a good sport and laughed off Griffin’s antics.

“In case you thought you were too pale,” Griffin said. “Ladies and gentlemen, Anderson Cooper has been spray-tanned. We’re live from Rio! We are live from Rio in the hot sun!”

The jokes continued as the comedian had Cooper read some of his least flattering text messages aloud.

One message was about a dream he had involving flatbed trains, hobos and Baghdad, while the other was a bit simpler, describing the way he felt after an early morning flight.

“I just woke up on the red eye and my mouth tastes like stinky cheese,” he said after his disclaimer that he must have taken an Ambien beforehand.

While Cooper was the subject of most of the jokes, Griffin did get her share of fun poked at her as she read some mean tweets. One of those tweets, from a staunch Demi Lovato fan, said Griffin was “asking for death threats again.”

However harsh the comments, Griffin took them with ease, saying, “I just want to make fun of a singer now and again. Nobody should die here!”