“There’s my little Cassi-diva in training,” Kathie Lee Gifford announced on Friday’s edition of “Live!,” which marked her farewell appearance next to cohost Regis Philbin. Daughter Cassidy, 7, said it would be good to have her mother at home, and both she and brother Cody, 10, gave Kathie Lee a cookbook and some pancake mix so she could learn to cook. Reege presented her with a “Reegey,” an Emmy-looking award that celebrated their 15 years together, and Disney CEO Michael Eisner, whose company owns the ABC network which syndicates “Live!,” handed over a Mickey Mouse statuette. He also joked that since the ratings for her farewell were so high this week they should to consider “stretching it out for another week.” Gifford kept her cool throughout the hour, though she did tell Eisner that she was holding him to his promise of the night before, that she could take her family to Disney World anytime she wanted — for free. Her final words on the show: “I love you, Reege. Thank you. Thank you, everybody.”