Kathie Lee Wanted to Kill Frank

So strong was her love for hubby Frank, Kathie Lee says she wanted to kill him when he strayed. Kathie Lee Gifford admits to Diane Sawyer on “20/20 Downtown” tonight (the interview was taped earlier) that three years ago she wanted to kill her husband, Frank Gifford, when it was revealed he had a tryst with a flight attendant. But, Kathie Lee adds, Frank should take that as a “compliment.” “The deeper the love is, the deeper the disappointment,” says Kathie Lee. “I kept saying to him, ‘It’s a compliment.’ ” Says Frank, who admits the tryst was “stupid”: “It’s much harder to forgive yourself.” Tonight’s interview is pegged to the release of Kathie Lee’s new CD of love ballads, “Born For You.” One of the songs is dedicated to Frank. Its title: “Only My Pillow Knows.”

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