By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated April 03, 2002 01:10 PM

Former “Live!” star Kathie Lee Gifford, 48, has settled a lawsuit with the National Examiner supermarket tabloid over a story accusing Lee of constantly coddling her son Cody, born in 1990, and turning him into a brat, reports the Associated Press. Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Timothy McCarthy formally dismissed the case last week, according to court records. This week, an attorney for Gifford and her husband, former “Monday Night Football” announcer and NFL star Frank Gifford, told the AP that the couple reached an out-of-court, confidential settlement with the Florida-based tabloid about three months ago. The lawsuit stemmed over a February 2000 article that falsely portrayed Cody as “an impudent, unruly child who is unable to behave in a socially acceptable manner.” The Examiner published a retraction last August, stating, “We regret any distress or embarrassment that Cody may have experienced.” Meanwhile, Kathie Lee has sat down with the Ladies’ Home Journal for an interview that runs in its May issue. In it she claims that she was unhappy for the last two years she was doing “Live!” with cohost Regis Philbin, given what she called the sameness of the syndicated morning show. “The more I edited myself, the more the joy of doing the show was taken from me,” Gifford told the magazine. “By the time I left it was no big deal. I had already left in my heart.” She now claims almost never to watch the show, whose ratings have improved enormously since she departed last year, and she offers this advice to her popular successor, Kelly Ripa, 31: “I hope that when it’s not fun for her anymore, she will be smart enough to leave and find something else to do.”