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July 14, 2016 10:35 AM

Growing up, Kathie Lee Gifford never imagined she was going to marry a New York Giant.

She especially never believed it would have been someone as legendary as Frank Gifford. Though she was born in Paris Gifford, 62, grew up in Maryland in a family of die-hard Baltimore Colts fans.

“My daddy never missed a Colts game and he just couldn’t stand the Giants,” she tells PEOPLE.

However she revealed that the one Giant her father could make an exception for was in fact Frank Gifford himself.

“My daddy used to say ‘but that Frank Gifford, I like that Frank Gifford’, he’s got a lot of class. So it was weird to marry that guy, my father couldn’t believe it, ‘You’re marrying a Giant?!’,” she says laughing hysterically while impersonating her father.

Gifford passed away less than a year ago of natural causes. He and wife Kathie Lee met as colleagues on Good Morning America.

“I had come from the show business world my entire life, he came from sports and sportscasting, so our worlds didn’t collide they just meshed beautifully,” she says of meeting her husband.

The TODAY Show also spoke on how she and her two very over-achieving kids had to pause from their lives and regroup after Gifford’s passing.

“We all took a breath, and regrouped from that but now we’re stronger than ever,” she says at the opening of Mitchell’s Fish Market in Edgewater, NJ where she was promoting her GIFFT wines, something she’s been involved with for over two years now.

Though the Gifford’s passing was hard on the family her kids are still thriving. Her son Cody, 26, is finishing up his masters degree at Oxford while her daughter Cassidy, 22, is pursuing acting having completed seven films.

“They both turned out great and I’m so honored to be their mom, I’m so blessed.”

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