Kathie Lee: No Sweat

On TV’s “Dateline NBC” tonight, Kathie Lee Gifford defends herself against allegations made by labor activist Charles Kernaghan that her clothing line is manufactured in Central American sweatshops — but she points her finger at others. By helping pass legislation in New York State dealing with labor practices and serving on President Clinton’s Fair Labor Association Committee, Gifford feels she has helped labor. However, she tells interviewer Jane Pauley that she is disappointed with Michael Jordan and Jaclyn Smith, both affiliated with clothing lines. “Michael Jordan, when asked about the problems with Nike in Asia, said ‘Hey, I’m sure Nike will do the right thing. I’ve got to stay concentrated on my game.’ When Jaclyn Smith was contacted she said, ‘Oh now that doesn’t happen. My clothes are never made in factories like that.’ Well, the truth is our clothes are all made in the same factories.”

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