The Jackson family matriarch has had contact with police following a nephew's report that she was missing

By Tim Nudd
July 23, 2012 08:00 AM
Michael Becker/Fox/PictureGroup

Police have had contact with Jackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson after her nephew reported her missing over the weekend.

Detectives with the Los Angeles Police Department told NBC News that they have spoken to Katharine, 82, and she is on a planned vacation in Arizona, it was reported on Monday’s Today show.

Katherine, the guardian of her late son Michael Jackson’s three children, is said to be with her daughter Rebbie.

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In a statement, Katherine’s son Jemaine blasted the missing-persons report, filed Saturday by Katherine’s nephew Trent.

“It dismays me that such an alarmist ‘missing person’ report has caused unnecessary anxiety among Michael’s children who will understandably react to what they misunderstand, hear or are told,” he wrote.

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris – Katherine’s granddaughter – previously wrote on Twitter that she was worried about Katherine. “yes, my grandmother is missing. i haven’t spoken with her in a week i want her home now,” she wrote.

The drama reveals tension in the Jackson family after five of Michael Jackson’s siblings recently claimed that his will was a fake, that Katherine was being manipulated, and that the executors of Michael’s estate should step down.