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September 21, 2007 01:00 PM

Katharine McPhee is looking for success – in a film called just that, Success.

The singer, 23, who was runner-up in season five of American Idol, starts shooting in November and tells MTV, “This is a whole new beginning.”

While wrapping filming on the comedy I Know What Boys Like (also known as House Bunny), which is set for release in 2008, she signed up for the new indie-flick.

“It’s darker, it’s definitely hard to explain, but a specific style,” she said of Success. “I’m just really excited about it, because I think it’s an interesting script.”

She remained coy, not wanting to give away too much of the plot or her costars as deals were still being negotiated.

“I play this sweet, nice girl who gets the attention of this guy. [The script] has great writing and definitely quirky characters, really well-developed characters,” she told MTV.

McPhee is becoming a well-rounded character herself since she’s already planning the follow-up to her successful debut album. “I’ll probably be making a much different record next time around,” she said. “Maybe more adult … Maybe more like the female version of John Mayer.”

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