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The actress says she thinks her own name is pretty flashy

September 19, 2013 09:20 AM

Few surnames are as colorful as Rocknroll, but Kate Winslet is quite happy with her own, thank you very much.

“I was never going to change my name to Rocknroll,” the actress and wife of businessman Ned Rocknroll tells Britain’s Telegraph newspaper. “I’ve never changed my name to anything, so I didn’t see a reason to start now.”

She adds proudly: “I quite like Kate Winslet; in fact I think it’s very flashy.”

There’s a more practical reason for her decision, too – to keep the Winslet name going, at least for now.

“I’m one of three girls, and we have one boy in our family,” she says. “So essentially the only person who is going to carry the name along is my brother, and he doesn’t have any children at the moment.”

There’s no word on whether the actress’s upcoming baby will be a Winslet or, more traditionally, a Rocknroll.

Elsewhere in the Telegraph interview, Winslet, 37, says she feels “really happy” in life and that “things are wonderful.”

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