Watch Kate Upton Get Toned – and Try It Yourself! – with this Exclusive Workout Routine From Her Trainer

"Focus on slow and steady improvement, because getting progressively stronger is the name of the game," says trainer Ben Bruno

Photo: Christopher Peterson/Splash News

Kate Upton has achieved a total body transformation, but it didn’t come without a lot of hard work in the gym.

The model works out with her trainer Ben Bruno five times a week doing a circuit-based strength-training workout that he describes as “not for the faint of heart!”

“We generally start off the workout with a series of strength exercises done in circuit fashion, followed by work with the sled,” Bruno tells PEOPLE. “Structuring the workout in this fashion provides a cardio effect even though we aren’t doing traditional ‘gerbil’ cardio, like using a bike or treadmill.”

Think you’re up to the challenge? Bruno has created a workout exclusively for PEOPLE so that you can train just like Upton.

Brief stretching and foam rolling
Lateral band walks

A1. Landmine squats, 3 sets of 8
A2. Squat jumps, 3 sets of 8

A3. Hip thrust countdown, 3 sets of “5 to 1” – Start with five reps followed by a five-second isometric hold at the top. Then do four reps followed by a four-second hold, then three, then two, then one, for a total of 15 reps.

A4. Inverted rows, 3 sets of 12

B1. Sled push/ Explosive sled rows, 3 sets – push the sled down, and row back

B2. Ab wheel rollouts, 3 sets of 12
B3. TRX triceps extensions, 3 sets of 12

Notes: A and B exercises are done as paired sets, so do all the A exercises before moving on to the B exercises.

Cool down:
Stretching and foam rolling

“This is a just a snippet of her total program,” says Bruno. “We incorporate a good amount of variety into the routine over the course of the week because she trains five days a week. However, we keep several of the key exercises (deadlifts, hip thrusts, and sleds) in the program consistently and focus on slow and steady improvement, because getting progressively stronger is the name of the game.”

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