"It's going to take a strong person to wrangle this mess," the reality mom says of potential love interests

Kate Gosselin isn’t having much luck in the dating department – but then, it was never going to be easy for a single mom with eight kids.

“You start out the first time around, and you’re some single girl with not a lot of baggage or issues,” the reality mom, 36, said Monday on NBC’s Today show.

“I like to have fun, and I don’t have a lot of time for myself. I do have eight kids. I feel like I have my life together, pretty much. But let’s be honest. It’s going to take a strong person to wrangle this mess.”

Asked if potential suitors are intimidated by her situation, she replies, “Probably. If he can pass the test, he’s got to be Superman.”

In any case, Gosselin says the priority is still her kids. And they’re doing well, she says, as the new episode of Kate Plus 8 airs Monday night on TLC. Colin and Alexis, in particular, are doing better after the struggles that caused them to leave their school late last year.

“They’re actually starting to integrate back in, within the very imminent future,” Gosselin says. “They’re doing wonderfully at home. They’re reading at the top level for kindergarten, as well as writing. And they’re doing amazingly well They’re blossoming.”

And her relationship with ex-husband Jon? Same old, same old, says Kate.

“I am doing what I can to reach out and communicate,” she says. “What I receive back is not in my control. I do what I can to involve him in our family.”

He is involved with their kids, Kate says, but perhaps not enough, in her view. “He has them two weekends a month,” she says. “I wish he would see them more, to be honest. So do they. I think the important thing is that I control my reaction, my attitude and my words.”