Supermodel says having her little girl means she'll never be on her own again

By Courtney Rubin
March 12, 2007 12:30 PM

Kate Moss has a reputation for being a partyer, but her nightlife includes reading a story to her 4-year-old daughter Lila before bed, she says in a new interview.

When Lila was born, “I felt like, now I’ve got a partner in crime,” Moss tells the British edition of Vogue in its April issue. “I’m never going to have to be on my own again.”

And she really reads her a story every night? “‘Course, absolutely every night.” (She also notes that Lila’s father, publisher Jefferson Hack, is “a great dad – somehow that was Mother Nature’s intervention.”)

“She’s a Mini-Me,” says Moss, who’s currently dating Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty. “I think she looks like her dad, but there are some bits of me. Pete said the other day, ‘Jefferson really looks like you, I’m thinking of asking him out.’ ”

Moss, 33, recently designed a clothing line for Topshop, and Lila has clearly picked up the fashion bug from her mother.

“She comes in at bedtime and says, ‘Mummy, do you think this is a good look?’ and then she has a fashion crisis,” Moss tells the magazine. “I say, ‘You will wear what I tell you,’ but she says she’s the adult of the bedroom. Now we lay the clothes out before she goes to bed but then she goes, ‘Mum, I need options.’

“When we were doing Versace [the recent ad campaign], we all had kids and they came along, like Christy [Turlington]’s little baby and Carolyn [Murphy]’s little boy, and Lila and Donatella struck up a friendship. They put a weave in her hair and she had this long blonde hair down to her waist, and she was going like” – Moss tosses her hair back, vamp-style – “and I was like, oh … my … god.”

Lila also provides a bit of entertainment for Moss – albeit sometimes unintentionally. Moss cackles when she tells a story of Lila talking to the British princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. According to Moss, her daughter asked, “How come if you are princesses you don’t have tiaras and a pink dress?”