British supermodel Kate Moss has revealed she is a recovering alcoholic who, for 10 years, did not walk down a catwalk sober. Moss, 25, described to the British magazine The Face a hedonistic jet-set life of champagne, vodka and marijuana in her decade as a top international model. She said she started smoking pot and drinking at age 12. Things seemed to accelerate when she began modeling. “Things got out of control,” she said, admitting that she started off her mornings with a booze-on. “That’s what you do. You just kind of have champagne. You always have champagne before shows. Always. Even at 10 in the morning.” She also said she carried a hip flask, just to make sure she’d never go dry. Now that she has sobered up (in November she checked into London’s posh clinic, the Priory) and attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Moss says, “I don’t want to go back to how I was.”

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