Kate Moss Faces British Police

The supermodel meets with detectives to discuss her alleged drug use

Supermodel Kate Moss returned to London Tuesday to discuss with British police her alleged use of drugs, officials said.

“Kate Moss voluntarily reported to the police today to assist their investigation as she has always said she would when she returned to this country,” her modeling agency, Storm, said in a statement.

The British supermodel was seen in photographs published last September in Britain’s Daily Mirror, in which she was allegedly using cocaine with then-boyfriend Pete Doherty. After the publication of the incriminating photos, Moss lost lucrative contracts with H&M, Burberry and Chanel.

Moss, 32, has not been arrested for or charged with – or even “cautioned” about – any crimes, a Metropolitan police spokeswoman tells the Associated Press. The rep added, however, that “inquiries continue.”

The model had been outside of Britain since the drug allegations surfaced. Since spending several weeks at an Arizona rehab clinic last fall, she has been working on rebuilding her career and has landed international modeling assignments – as well as recently signing a reported $1.8 million book deal to write her autobiography for Virgin mogul Richard Branson.

Moss – who on Tuesday wore a large pair of dark glasses, a white coat and black pants – was spoken to “under caution” for 80 minutes before leaving without speaking to reporters. To be spoken to under caution is an arrangement under English law that means police can use a person’s answers as evidence in any future proceedings, according to AP.

Prosecutors will eventually decide if any charges should be brought against Moss.

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