"The post they've had is absolutely incredible, from all over the world," postman Ryan Naylor tells PEOPLE

By Liz Corcoran
Updated January 09, 2011 03:00 PM
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While celebrations for Kate Middleton’s birthday on Sunday are expected to be low key – the palace has only said that she will be spending the day “privately” and reports suggest she might spend time with her family – local postman Ryan Naylor, who delivers to the princess-to-be and her family in Bucklebury, Berkshire, is likely to have his work cut out.

Naylor has been hauling a “steady stream” of mail up the private drive to their home in rural Berkshire ever since the Nov. 16 engagement announcement.

“The post they’ve had is absolutely incredible, from all over the world,” he tells PEOPLE. “There are lots of well-wishers, sending cards and presents.”

And though the dress remains a tightly kept secret, the address is perfectly straightforward. Try ‘Kate Middleton, Bucklebury’. “Absolutely right,” chuckles Naylor. “And some of it’s just addressed to Kate Middleton, England, but it still gets here surprisingly.”

“There was one this morning to ‘Mike and Carole Middleton, Parents of Catherine Middleton, Bucklebury, Berkshire,” he says as he jumps into his red van and heads out again on his rounds. “I joked with them about it. I said, Look! It still gets through. What a good postman you’ve got!”