Ivanka Trump, Michael Lewis and others sketch wedding shoes fit for a princess

By Rennie Dyball
Updated March 19, 2011 10:00 AM
Credit: Courtesy Footwear News

Though they may not be quite as visible as, say, her dress, Kate Middleton‘s wedding day shoes will gain their own share of notoriety come April 29.

So, a second round of footwear designers have offered up their visions for the princess-to-be.

“With all the paparazzi bulbs flashing, [the shoes] would be beautiful and interesting from every angle,” Ivanka Trump tells Footwear News of her proposed design: a T-strap stiletto with rosettes and a diamond-accented heel and strap.

Another sparkly offering comes from British designer Michael Lewis, who’s also not shy about featuring some bling on his heels.

These stilettos are “pure regality and refinement, craftsmanship and femininity,” Lewis says of the diamond-encrusted strap and heel, which accent a platinum post. They’re “modern,” he adds, “but understated.”

Men’s shoe designers have also chimed in with their visions for Prince William.

Daniel Silver (co-designer at Duckie Brown) suggests a beaded brogue with dark turquoise, orange, red and chocolate beads.

“A hand-beaded brogue,” says Silver, “is the male glass slipper.”

(Check out all of the designers’ sketches here.)