Kate's Royal Grocery Run – Her First Newlywed Outing in Wales

The Duchess of Cambridge goes on a low-profile shopping trip

Photo: Alan Carsen/Whitehotpix/Zuma

Duchess in aisle three!

Less than a week after the “wedding of the century,” a far more casual Duchess Catherine hit her local Waitrose grocery store on the island of Anglesey, in North Wales.

And if it weren’t for her protection officer, she might have nearly gone unnoticed.

Dressed in skinny jeans, a green sweater and ballet flats, with a ponytail holder around her wrist (oh, and that iconic sapphire ring with her new wedding band on her finger), Kate, 29, purchased the basics. She also picked up a few special items, leading one onlooker to speculate that she might be prepping a romantic meal for her new husband. Check out her down-to-earth look here.

“She loaded all the shopping into her car on her own, then skipped as she ran the trolley back to the park,” the observer told the Daily Mail.

“She looked very happy and was smiling at people. Most people didn’t even spot who it was, despite her being probably the most famous person in the world at the moment.”

But this ordinary shopping trip wasn’t much of a surprise: The couple never planned on employing chefs, butlers, valets or any other type of help beyond their security detail.

So while Kate will likely be spending part of her first week as royalty in the kitchen, what is her husband up to?

After the couple’s weekend getaway, Prince William went back to work and participated in two RAF emergency rescues, according to the Mail.

Sounds like the perfect time for a home-cooked meal.

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