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March 24, 2013 08:00 PM

It was a notably kid-friendly weekend on the streets of Hollywood and beyond. Well, except for one teeny-tiny, minor, no-big-deal exception: Okay, fine, there was a Playboy party.

And you thought we were going all rainbows and butterflies on you for a second, didn’t you?

5. Crystal Hefner Will Totally Deejay Your Next Party

We have no details about rates and there’s no guarantee she’ll spin your favorite song, but we think you should absolutely hire Hugh Hefner’s bride. She proved she has what it takes to man the deejay booth Saturday at Playboy‘s annual Mansion Masquerade party, where she did her thing behind the turntables. She also wore a red catsuit, which everyone knows is a non-negotiable essential for a really good party. (Resumé enclosed)

4. Anyone else wondering what Amanda Bynes Is Up to Today?

We spend a great deal of time thinking about the people from our past – but we’re not talking about that kid with the freckles we made fun of that one time at summer camp (sorry Mike!). Actually, we’re wondering about Amanda Bynes, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and anyone who was on Boy Meets World ever. If you’re losing sleep and sanity over these people, too, it’s time to take a walk down the often rocky memory lane, ’90s edition. (Put on your hiking boots, dear readers)

3. It’s All About the Kids for Fergie

Mom-to-be Fergie rocked a very, very special accessory at Saturday’s Kids’ Choice Awards – and no, she didn’t bring any form of sea dweller to match her ocean-inspired attire. Supporting host/hubby Josh Duhamel, her baby bump managed to steal the show. Even Selena Gomez and Katy Perry couldn’t keep their hands off of the singer’s growing belly. (All right, all right, hands off the merch)

2. In Case You Really Needed One More Reason to Love the Duchess

In our dreams, we brunch with Kate Middleton, like, every weekend and salute her with a “hey, girl” when she calls us up on the phone, like, every night. But we would totally settle for cooking up doughy snacks, building fires and subsequently being on a first-name basis with the mom-to-be. “We just called her Kate,” said Fatima Vukhari, 9, one of the little lucky ones who attended a special training day for scout volunteers in Cumbria with her. “She seems like a princess because she looks really pretty and had really nice hair.” (Who else is jealous?)

1. Katy Perry Actually Has Plenty to Smile About

When she wasn’t hanging with Fergie’s baby bump, Perry was winning big and, even more triumphantly, reminding recent ex John Mayer just what he’s missing. Hitting the Kids’ Choice Awards to pick up her prize for favorite female singer, she put her midriff – but no visible sign of heartbreak – front and center. (Mayer who?)

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