The "Kate Blouse" has increased in price but can be found at Whistles
Credit: Courtesy Whistles; inset:Copyright 2010 Mario Testino

Girls everywhere are one step closer to channeling their inner princess.

The famous cream-colored blouse that bride-to-be Kate Middleton wore in her engagement portrait with Prince William is now available to the public – again.

Since the original blouse Middleton bought from the fall 2008 collection at British clothing store Whistles was purchased on sale, it was no longer available in stores, making it hard for Kate-lovers to track it down.

Due to popularity and increasing demand to look like the fashionable princess-in-waiting, the store has reissued the shirt.

And apparently, having royal taste comes with a higher price tag: the silk, collarless shirt, with lacy detailing down the front, has been officially named the Kate Blouse and increased in price to $203 from the original selling price of $155.

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