With the countdown quickly coming on to Sunday’s Oscars, “Almost Famous” nominee Kate Hudson, 21, is saying that the importance of the nomination is only in the professional experience itself, reports PEOPLE: “It’s the work. I’m all about the work, man,” she said while promoting her latest movie, “About Adam,” also starring Stuart Townsend. In this one, Hudson plays Lucy, a singer in a hip Dublin café who’s had countless affairs but is afraid of real love or commitment. Hudson, who over the last Christmas holidays married Black Crowes musician Chris Robinson, added that when she shot the movie, her behavior was not so different from that which she portrays on the screen. “At the time I was single, and I was always a free spirited girl,” she said, “so I did relate to that character. I dated a lot.” Her character also sings in the movie, though she “was frustrated,” she said, “because I was not singing my own stuff. Instead, I was singing like, Broadway tunes. I enjoy singing more country based, blues-y music.”