Newlyweds Kate Hudson, 21, and Chris Robinson, 34, recently stunned “Survivor” aspirants when the Oscar-nominated actress (“Almost Famous”) and the Black Crowes musician reportedly showed up at an open audition for the show’s next edition. According to the New York Post, the couple arrived unannounced at a Los Angeles casting event, but were ultimately dissuaded from auditioning by CBS executives who felt that celebrity participants would complicate the already imposing legal hurdles that the show faces in its casting and production processes. Hudson and Robinson are reportedly “obsessed” with the reality show, which is down to its final six contestants. Meanwhile, the Hollywood Reporter says that Hudson should soon have something to occupy her time: the romantic comedy “Last Call,” to be directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (“Men in Black”). The story concerns two escorts from heaven — an actress from the 1970s (Hudson) and a con man from the ’40s — sent to earth to collect their next assignment, a racist “shock jock” whose time has come.