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The star says one "deeply boring" suitor made her flee before they even ordered food

September 16, 2008 10:30 AM

Trying to sweep Kate Hudson off her feet? Try taking her out for miniature golf – but whatever you do, don’t be boring.

The actress shared some of her best and worst dating moments Monday at a press conference for her new comedy, My Best Friend’s Girl, opening Sept. 19.

“One date, I just left before we even ordered food because the guy was just so deeply boring that it was like, ‘I’m going to just save us from all of this and just leave,’ ” said Hudson, 29, adding that her date “was in banking. I’m not kidding.”

Instead, the actress suggests other ways to get her motor running.

“I like to be surprised [with] something fun or something different, like racing cars … or miniature golf or something,” Hudson told PEOPLE later at her film’s premiere. “If you’re going to go on a date, do it right, you know?”

Hudson’s romantic life has been star-studded – she was married to Chris Robinson and has been involved with Owen Wilson and Lance Armstrong. But after a tough day on the job, the actress says it’s her family (including son Ryder, 4) and friends that keep her grounded.

“In order to deal with [everything], I just once again go back to my life at home with my family, my son and my friends,” she said. “It makes everything okay. It makes everything feel more balanced.”

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