September 15, 2009 11:35 AM

It’s a new View [] and a new ‘do [] for Kate Gosselin.

On her second day as guest co-host on The View, Kate Gosselin debuted a new wavy, curly hairstyle.

“You have a new hairstyle, it’s a first!” said Barbara Walters, as Tuesday’s show began. Added co-host Joy Behar, “It looks cute!”

Gosselin credited the hair and makeup team behind the scenes, responded “Your girls back there, whoo baby! Isn’t it cute?”

Later in the show, Gosselin talked about while she’s still wearing her wedding ring even though she and Jon are divorcing. “I said very early on that I would continue to wear it for the kids,” she said. “We’re not officially divorced yet, and you know, I’ve had it on for 10 years. It’s upsetting to the kids.”

Gosselin also responded to Jon’s comments to Good Morning America last week that he "despises" Kate. “Of course it bothers me,” she said. “Am I going to return the favor? Absolutely not. I am a high-road taker.”

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