Kate Bosworth: Is She Too Thin?

The actress raises concerns with her startlingly slim appearance

When Kate Bosworth turned up at New York City’s Fashion Week recently, the star’s startling slim appearance concerned friends and onlookers.

Admittedly, the Superman Returns actress had been having a rough few weeks. First came her breakup with longtime boyfriend Orlando Bloom. Then came what she thought was an attack of allergies, but “I think it turned into a little sickness,” Bosworth told PEOPLE while sitting in the front row of the Sept. 14 Zac Posen show.

Still, some were concerned as the actress made the runway-show rounds and stopped in at the afterparties. “She’s so small, it’s frightening,” says one insider who saw her at Fashion Week.

Adds another attendee and well-placed Bosworth source, “She’s always been small, but now she is really, really skinny.”

One possible reason: With her recent split, “she’s emotionally and physically strained,” says the source.

And although the 23-year-old actress’s rep declined to comment on her weight, Bosworth has spoken in the past about pressure to be thin.

“I think part of being an actress (is) that your body’s your tool,” she told Showbiz Tonight in July.

But since Bosworth hasn’t filmed anything in more than a year now, some are hoping she will take a closer look at herself. “Every time I saw her,” says the source, “I kept thinking, ‘Please eat something.’ ”

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