Karr E-Mails Describe 'Love' for JonBenet

John Mark Karr says of JonBenet, "I am so sorry that she died in my arms"

Excerpts from John Mark Karr’s e-mails and phone calls to University of Colorado, Boulder journalism professor Michael Tracey were posted Monday on the Boulder County District Attorney’s Web site after the case against Karr in the 1996 slaying of JonBenet Ramsey was dropped.

The e-mails to Tracey, who has produced several documentaries about the Ramsey case supporting the theory that the 6-year-old was killed by an intruder, come from Karr’s arrest affidavit. Karr was released Monday and promptly rearrested for 2001 child pornography charges.

At various points in the e-mails, Karr uses the alias “Daxis.” Some excerpts:

April 2, 2006
Karr talks about his fascination with young girls: “The end of 9 years old is usually the stopping point for me due to the physical height and development of the child. In some parts of the world however I have been highly attracted to girls who were 12 though they were the size of the girls who were 8 in the U.S. I cannot say I was actually attracted to the 12-year-olds but it was a little more tempting. I am attracted to dolls. When they get past the doll stage I am no longer physically attracted.”

April 19, 2006
He claims he accidentally strangled JonBenet during sex and then hit her on the head with a flashlight in case she was still suffering: “This was when the tragedy began. Seconds easily turned into minutes in the heat of passion. The deliverer, deriving unreal pleasure both emotionally and sexually, can lose track of that critical time especially with a little girl who is small and more fragile, it is easier to lose her. JonBenet was lost, or so it was believed. … But the trauma to her head haunts me – so horrible.”

May 9, 2006
“(JonBenet’s parents) need to know that she had a lover named Daxis, that a dashing prince was with her when she died; that she was not viciously murdered; that I cared for her and tried to revive her when I though she was dead. I loved her so much and I am so sorry that she died in my arms. But it is important that they know WHO she was with and how she died. For instance, she did not suffer.”

Sound clips of phone calls between Karr and Tracey were also released. In a July 29, 2006, phone call Tracey placed to Karr, who claimed to be speaking from his Jaguar in the driveway of the Ramsey home in Atlanta, Karr said he wanted Johnny Depp to play him in a movie and that it would make a billion dollars.

He also said of JonBenet, “I loved her so much and I am so sorry that she died in my arms.” He claimed that when she died he said, ” ‘Oh, babydoll, please come back to me.’ ” Karr also told Tracey, “If it is ever revealed that JonBenet died by my hand, I would be one of the most wanted killers in history.”

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