Karl Lagerfeld Gets a Wax Figure: Photo

The legendary German fashion designer has a wax likeness unveiled in Hamburg – and the resemblance is uncanny

Photo: Geisler-Fotopress/DPA/Abaca; Erik Pendzich/Rex USA

Impeccably cool, calm and collected.

That nicely describes Karl Lagerfeld, the legendary German fashion designer. And it describes his wax figure, too! (Okay, the wax figure is probably even calmer.)

An uncanny likeness of Lagerfeld, 78, was unveiled last week in Hamburg, Germany, at the St. Pauli Panopticon, the country’s oldest wax museum.

Between the fashionable black attire, black gloves, dark sunglasses and metal chains, it’s hard to tell the difference between the wax figure and the real thing!

What would Chanel’s creative director say about his wax likeness?
– Tim Nudd

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