Everything the Kardashians Have Ever Said About Their Vaginas

Photo: Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

“My sisters, they’ve had kids, and there’s a vagina lasering thing to tighten. So in my household, all they do is talk about this vagina laser. It’s like their discussion back and forth.” – Khloé

“I’ve lasered everything.” – Kim

“You guys know I’m not gonna beat around the bush (no pun intended), so let’s get straight to it: I’m all about the landing strip. I like to be clean; I like to be manicured. When there’s nothing there, it’s weird, in my opinion especially when you have tits and an ass. It just freaks me out a little bit.” – Khloé

“I know Kim is completely bare, and now she says she wishes she still had a lil’ somethin’ going on but she lasered it all off. But I like that if I ever want to go bare, I can just shave it and change my mind late.” – Khloé


“You have a better looking vagina than I thought!” – Kim to Khloé

“I always think of Kourt as large and in charge with a full ’70s-style bush – it just matches her personality. Lol, very boho chic. But she swears that’s just a joke and has a landing strip sometimes.” – Khloé

“I do not understand people who vajazzle. Seriously, get over yourself. Apparently there’s a new trend where you shape your bush into a heart for Valentine’s Day or any shape for your man. Who has the energy for that? Can’t do it.” – Khloé

“You know how some girls can wear leggings and you don’t see anything, and I’m like, ‘Where is it? Like where the f–k is your vagina? I’m not embarrassed by it but everyone else is. It’s the blueprint to my It’s a puffy p–y.” – Khloé

“If I’m going to win this I need to get as much pineapple juice as I can. It makes the vag smell good.” – Kourtney during a “vagina smell-off” contest with her sisters

“Kourtney seems very competitive about her vagina. I don’t know why Kourtney is challenging me – but she will lose.” – Khloé

“If Kim needs to think she’s won, then fine, I’ll let her think that – but we all know whose vagina is the sweetest of them all.” – Kourtney

“I got all the hair off my body.” – Kendall before the Victoria Secret Fashion Show

“First of all it’s lucky enough I can shave my legs, there’s a huge stomach here in the way so like, you’re asking a lot to shave down there, but I’m down I just need some assistance.” – Kourtney asking Scott to help her de-hair down there

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