"When he starts his rants, it's very difficult for him to stop," a source tells PEOPLE

February 19, 2016 03:35 PM

brightcove.createExperiences(); It’s been a rough week for Kim Kardashian West in the midst of Kanye West‘s media chaos.

In recent weeks, a series of Twitter rants have left the public and some of West’s friends questioning his mental health, but it seems the rapper’s actions may be taking a toll on his wife.

“It’s been a rough week for Kim,” a Keeping Up with the Kardashian source tells PEOPLE. “She has lots of support from her family though.”

Adds the source: “Everyone knows that Kanye, once in a while, goes on public rants and they are all very understanding that it’s exhausting for Kim. It’s like a tick that he has.”

However, Kardashian West looked to be in good spirits on Thursday as she and longtime friend Jonathan Cheban were spotted out in Beverly Hills.

She even did a live stream on Thursday, where she and Cheban joked about West’s rants after she used the slang term “chillax.”

“It’s so 1997, I’m, like, embarrassed,” Cheban said during the livestream, posted on Kardashian West’s website and app. “Thank God Kanye’s not in the car, or he would’ve had a ‘chillax’ rant.”

Still, the source tells PEOPLE that West, who is currently in Paris, has trouble “controlling his impulses” and “Kim just wants him to calm down and stop.”

“When he starts his rants, it’s very difficult for him to stop. When he starts venting, it’s like he needs to get it all out,” the source says. “Kanye might seem mentally unstable at times, but there has never been any concern for Kim, or the kids. Kanye just has a problem controlling his impulses.

“It’s not anything that usually affects their everyday life. Their marriage is not perfect, but there are no plans to split.”

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