Kanye West Wants to Be the Creative Director of Hermès – and More of the Most Kanye Quotes from His Yeezy Season 3 and Album Launch

The rapper unveiled his new collection and album at Madison Square Garden Thursday

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Kanye West was on double duty Thursday night, unveiling his latest fashion collection (Yeezy Season 3) and new album (The Life of Pablo) at Madison Square Garden.

Ever the orator, West didn’t disappoint whenever he held the mic, offering verbal gems one could only describe as “so Kanye.” (This is the man who announced a possible presidential bid during, of all things, his VMA speech, of course.)

From touching on his former feud with Taylor Swift and his family’s current beef with Blac Chyna to his dreams of running Hermès and creating a video game about his late mother being in heaven, here are the highlights from West’s big day, which streamed live on Tidal.

On Taking Credit for Taylor Swift’s Renown:
“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. I made that bitch famous,” West rapped, alluding to his infamous stage-crash at the 2009 VMAs.

On Why He Can Never Be Friends with Wife Kim Kardashian West‘s Ex:
“Me and Ray J could be friends if we ain’t love the same bitch. He mighta hit it first, only problem is I’m rich,” West raps on another track. (Ray J, of course, starred in Kardashian’s infamous sex tape, years before she and West tied the knot.)

On Rob Kardashian ”F—ing” Blac Chyna:
“Blac Chyna f–ing Rob, helped him with his weight,” West rapped on yet another song, confirming his brother-in-law’s relationship with model Blac Chyna.

(The Kardashian-Jenner clan has a tumultuous, storied past with Chyna. Long story short, she was once engaged to – and has a son with – Kylie’s current boyfriend Tyga, and now, as a source told PEOPLE last month: “Kylie is livid … She feels super betrayed and can’t understand why someone in her own family would stab her in the back like that.”)

On Making a Video Game About His Dead Mother in Heaven:
“That’s not easy to do, man! The concept is my mom traveling through the gates of heaven. You don’t understand. Like, I go out and meet with everybody in San Fran, and they’ll diss the f— out of me. And I’m like, ‘I wanna make a game,’ and they’ll be like, ‘F— You.’ That was hard to do, bro. Man, this s— was hard to do, man.”

On How Hard It Was to Break into the Fashion World Coming from Music:
“I think ya’ll might think because I’m a celebrity or because I make money and rap that this s— is easy to do. One of the hardest things to do were to get the talented people that worked on the collection to believe in my vision enough to come roll with a rapper.”

On the Ups and Downs of Being an Artist:
“I feel so much joy to be able to actually follow my dreams without people s—–n’ on me and being given the opportunity to create as an artist. I appreciate Jay Z for that. I appreciate Adidas for that. I appreciate my wife and her family for supporting me. When I go crazy in the fashion world and do all that s—, I really appreciate ya’ll coming to support this event. I really appreciate ya’ll supporting the shoes when they come out, supporting the albums, and just supporting the frame of mind for someone to be able to speak their mind, to not be controlled, to not be able to say what they wanna say and say what they feel.”

On His Hermès Aspirations:
“I told Anna [Wintour] this backstage, just for a couple years, to be the creative director of Hermès would be a dream of mine. Oh, that’s a bad idea? I just wanna bring as much beauty to the world as possible. I’m only 38 years old.”

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