People can't get enough Yeezy tweets

By Diana Pearl
March 09, 2016 06:10 PM

Over the past few months, Kanye West has made sure everyone knows his social platform of choice: Twitter.

He’s been tweeting about all sorts of things: His new album, Swish turned Waves turned The Life of Pablo, Wiz Khalifa’s cool pants, moving on from CDs and inquiring after Deadmau5’s availability to play daughter North’s birthday party.

People can’t get enough – the rapper just hit 20 million followers. And as this epic graphic shows, they get the whole world talking.

Those growing orange dots represent the growing number of Yeezy-related tweets after Kanye’s Tuesday tweet storm, where he discussed his “muse” (Kim, duh), his design trip to Sweden (complete with a visit to Ikea, as all good trips to Sweden are), some musings on winning and a peek into his views of himself – like Robin Hood!

And is it any surprise that Kanye’s tweets get so many people talking? I mean…

They’re inspirational:

A little confusing:

Brutally honest:

Prolific, really:

Sometimes, super sweet:

Easy to relate to:

They have questionable comparisons:

They make some lofty declarations:

And sometimes, they’re pretty on point:

One thing is for sure – Twitter wouldn’t be Twitter without Kanye.