When an object went flying at the stage, the star went looking for who did it

By Tiffany McGee
Updated June 13, 2008 01:30 PM

Kanye West doesn’t take disrespect lightly – especially during his Glow in the Dark tour.

When fans at his Minneapolis concert got a bit too rowdy Tuesday night – and one threw an unspecified object toward the stage – the agitated headliner quickly pulled the plug on his show.

“Whoever thought that was a good idea, I’m not gonna curse at you – that’s a really bad idea,” declared West.

“It really throws me off to have some [stuff] thrown on the stage. You can see I’m trying to do something different here,” said the singer, 31, as the audience erupted in shouts of support.

West asked the crowd to help him identify the suspects. “If anybody knows who did it, point them out,” he said. The lights quickly came on and audience members pointed to two stunned fans. Minutes later, the accused were escorted out of the show as the crowd cheered.

West then launched into “Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ ” as the show continued.

A rep for West had no comment.