"People say I have a bad reputation," he said. "I think I've got the best reputation in the building"

By Tara Fowler
Updated March 03, 2015 08:25 AM
Brad Barket/Getty

Kanye West, Oxford professor?

The rapper gave a guest address at the prestigious university Monday evening, speaking about everything from his relationship with President Obama to his problem with $5,000 T-shirts to his struggles with his ego.

“One of my biggest Achilles’ heels has been my ego,” he said, as documented by the student newspaper The Tab. “And if I, Kanye West, the very person, can remove my ego, I think there’s hope for everyone.”

He continued: “People say I have a bad reputation. I think I’ve got the best reputation in the building.

“They want you to have a reputation of tucking your black nail polish into your pockets and sitting in the corner of the class, and not fighting for your ideas out of fear of being ridiculed.

“That’s one of my favorite ones … to be called crazy.”

He went on to say that he appreciates the power of his position as a public figure.

“I understand that I’m a servant. And with my voice, with my ability to build relationships with amazing people, speak to amazing people,” he said. “Call Elon Musk out of the blue, or call Obama out of the blue … he calls the home phone, by the way.”

Despite the wealth and fame he enjoys nowadays, the rapper emphasized that he remembers what it’s like to be middle-class.

“Clothing should be like food,” West said. “There should never be a $5,000 sweater. You know what should cost $5,000? A car should be $5,000. And you know who should work on the car? The people that work on the $500,000 cars.

“All the best talent in the world needs to work for the people. And I am so f—ing serious about this concept that I will stand in front of anyone and fight for it. Because I was 14 and middle-class. I know what it felt like to not get what I have.”

To read the full 20-minute speech, head to The Tab.