"He's always been delusional," says the comedian in a new interview

By Nick Maslow
February 22, 2016 05:25 PM
Todd Williamson/Getty; Inset:Jeff Kravitz/MTV1415/FilmMagic

Chelsea Handler is prone to controversy – but even she finds Kanye West‘s rants to be too much.

“I’ve always thought he’s a maniac, and he just sounds like more of one,” the comedian, 40, tells ET Canada in a new interview airing Monday.

Handler, whose new Netflix series Chelsea Does debuted last month, goes on to claim West, 38, is “delusional,” prompting correspondent Sangita Patel to ask, “Yeah, what’s going on? I don’t know what’s going on.”

Handler replies, “What do you mean? He’s always been delusional. Why are people just …”

“That much?” asks the anchor.

Without skipping a beat, Handler quips, “Yes, he’s acted like this for years and now people are acting surprised that he’s acting like this.”

Chelsea Handler; Kanye West (inset)
Todd Williamson/Getty; Inset:Jeff Kravitz/MTV1415/FilmMagic

As for West’s $53 million debt claims and plea for money from Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg? “He’s probably trying to be funny,” explains Handler. “He thinks that’s funny.”

And although Handler quit her hit pop culture show, E!’s Chelsea Lately, in 2014, the outspoken star proves she’s paying attention to his renewed rift with Taylor Swift. “He did this to Taylor Swift five or six years ago,” says Handler, referencing West’s decision to interrupt the singer’s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV VMAs. “He went up and stole her award. And no one thought he was nuts then?”

She continues: “He’s unstable and he’s delusional. And now he’ll have a mental breakdown in front of everybody, even though he’s been in this state for years.”

However, a source close to West told PEOPLE last week that West’s recent antics – including his alleged tantrum at Saturday Night Live – are no cause for alarm over the rapper’s mental state.

“I haven’t felt personally concerned about his well being,” said West’s longtime friend. “Every time I talk with him – which is almost every day – he’s extremely good-natured, [and] in a great mood …”

Handler has a history with West’s wife Kim Kardashian West, having interviewed her on Lately, and she remains pals with the reality star’s sister Khloé Kardashian, who appears in an episode of Handler’s Netflix docuseries.