August 24, 2015 11:25 AM Aug. 1, Kristin Cash watched her life take a tragic turn, as her boyfriend accidentally rolled his car into a pond and was unable to escape.

“I jumped in the water and was trying to get him out of his car,” Cash told KWCH.

Eric Bailey was eventually removed from the vehicle alive, but he died in the hospital hours later from injuries sustained in the accident.

“He was definitely the love of my life … and still is,” Cash said of her 22-year-old boyfriend.

To help cope with the pain, Cash, of Wichita, Kansas, and her friends set up a memorial for Bailey by the crash site.

“We started bringing out flowers and little Hot Wheels cars and things like that, because he was really into cars. We started doing that the day after it happened,” she said.

Over the weeks following the accident, others in the area started contributing to the memorial as well, including an anonymous flower-giver who left a bouquet with a note addressed to Cash.

The grieving girlfriend was shocked and touched to find the letter addressed to her, which read:

“These flowers are for the girlfriend who lost her boyfriend. You can either take them home and enjoy them to where they won’t die right away or leave them here by his memorial. Your choice. I’m sorry for your loss.”

Cash has no idea who the note and flowers are from, but she hopes to meet the individual one day so she can thank them for the sweet gesture.

“I really want to know who left them so I can thank them in person because it might have not been a big thing for them to do, but it really means a lot to me,” Cash said.

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