Kansas Waitress Tells Governor to 'Tip the Schools,' Not Her, in Protest of Change to State School Funding

"Tip the schools," Chloe Hough wrote on Gov. Sam Brownback's receipt Saturday night

Photo: Chloe Hough/Facebook

Instead of waiting for a tip, a Kansas waitress gave the governor of her state one of her own.

“Tip the schools,” Chloe Hough wrote on the receipt she handed to Gov. Sam Brownback Saturday night, making a big X through the tip line and offering her words of advice instead.

The waitress posted a photo of the receipt slip on Facebook – alongside the caption “MIC DROP” – and the story quickly spread across the Internet.

“I think education is the foundation for a better country and more progressive society,” Hough told Wichita’s NBC station KWCH12.

Hough has a sister with special needs who she said lost several teachers due to the budget cuts in Kansas schools.

In March, Gov. Brownback changed the way Kansas public schools are funded, switching to block grants for two years instead of relying on complicated formulas to determine each district’s share, according to NBC News.

The grant program, which also freezes funding for two years, was rushed through the Kansas legislature and upset many Kansas educators who felt the plan would hurt schools, although the governor said the plan should not create cuts.

“The way I understand it, zero percent of Kansas educators voted for it,” Hough told Topeka’s KSNT. “He and his followers are robbing Kansas of equal opportunity.”

So when the governor walked into Boss Hawg’s Barbeque in Topeka on what would be the server’s final shift at the restaurant following her recent resignation, she said, “I just knew I had to say something or I would regret it.”

“You guys 911 emergency,” Hough wrote on her Facebook page. “It’s my last shift and I am waiting on our governor. What should I say to him? This is not a test. Go.”

Turns out Hough didn’t need any help. And the governor left his own tip for her, too – cash.

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