August 14, 2014 07:35 AM

To protect and get served.

Officer J. Krebs of the Kansas City Police Department’s East Patrol was out on a call recently when he decided to do some community outreach of a different sort.

Dominic Aaron Ford filmed the officer challenging some neighborhood kids to a dance-off, and losing pretty spectacularly to one talented hoofer.

“We went up to handle a call and I had been dancing in he car all day long,” Krebs told Storyful. “We were leaving and these kids started busting a move as were driving by them. I turn the car around and my partner was like, ‘If you have a dance-off with him, I’ll give you some Jolly Ranchers.'”

Swayed by the promise of candy, Krebs did his best, but was sadly outclassed by the youth. Maybe next time, Officer.

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