K.O. King, Lipstick Queen Die

The world has lost two icons, charismatic “Master of the Ring” Archie Moore and Hazel Bishop, the cosmetics executive who made lipstick “kissproof.” For details:

  • Archie Moore, the former light-heavyweight boxing champion who spanned boxing eras with bouts against Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali, died Wednesday in a San Diego hospice. He was thought to be 84, though he had long turned his age into a guessing game. Known for his ready smile and his knee-length boxing trunks, Moore won the light-heavyweight title at age 39. He rang up a record 141 knockouts in his 27-year career. Fighting as a heavyweight, he knocked down undefeated champion Marciano before losing, and was nearly 50 and just months from retirement when he was knocked out by Cassius Clay, who later became known as Muhammad Ali. He was the only boxer who fought both Marciano and Ali. Moore had heart surgery a few years ago and his health had deteriorated in the past two weeks, said his son, Billy. Several of the fighter’s eight children kept vigil at his bedside.
  • Hazel Bishop, a chemist who made an indelible mark on the cosmetics industry by inventing non-smearing “kissproof” lipstick, died Saturday. She was 92. Bishop created the kissproof concoction soon after World War II while working in a dermatologist’s laboratory. The lipstick flew off the shelves when it was first introduced and soon captured 25 percent of the market. Bishop formed her own company in 1950 to market her discovery, but left four years later. She later set up another business to develop household and personal care products. In 1962, she became a stockbroker and eventually took a job as a financial analyst. For her third and final career, Miss Bishop worked as an adjunct professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, preparing students for careers in cosmetics.
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