N Sync idol Justin Timberlake, 20, says it “sucks” that his family had to endure last week’s hoax spread by two radio deejays, that he and Britney Spears, also 20, had been killed in a car crash, reports “It just sucks that my family was so worried about it and Britney’s family, too,” he said, “because they’re part of my family.” He said he “got, like, six phone calls from different people in my family — immediately.” When he initially heard the “news,” said Timberlake, “The first thing I did was call Britney. She was in L.A. and I was in, I believe, Philadelphia the day it happened so we were across the country from each other . . . The first thing she says to me was like, ‘Hey, where are you?’ You know, we both kind of heard about it at the same time.” The perpetrators of the hoax, who told the Dallas Morning News that they didn’t believe Britney Spears fans would listen to their hard rock station, have since been fired. But as Timberlake admitted, he and Spears are no strangers to such pranks. “Since the beginning, (of) our relationship, there’s always been things that have been said that were totally not true,” he said. “But this just, like, took it to a whole ‘nother planet.”