Justin Timberlake Gyrates in a Speedo in New Movie

The singer demonstrates his comedic skills in a trailer for The Love Guru

Justin Timberlake shows off his comedic chops – and his body by wearing a skimpy Speedo in a new movie trailer.

The Grammy-winning singer, dressed in the swimming suit and donning a moustache, gyrates and speaks in an exaggerated French accent in a trailer for the upcoming Mike Meyers movie The Love Guru that hit the Web Friday.

The movie tells the story of Pitka (Meyers), an American raised in an Indian ashram, who comes back o the U.S. to make his fortune as a self-help leader. He is tasked with settling a rift between a hockey star and his estranged wife, who starts dating L.A. Kings hockey star Jacques Grande (Timberlake.)

Timberlake, 27, has had numerous film roles in movies such as Alpha Dog, Southland Tales and Black Snake Moan. He also starred in the mega-popular Saturday Night Live video “D— in a Box.”

The Love Guru also stars Jessica Alba, Verne Troyer, Romany Malco and Ben Kingsley.

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