Justin Timberlake killed it!

It’s not unusual… to launch into “the Carlton” dance on the golf course!

Alfonso Ribeiro, 43, whipped out his iconic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air moves during the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament this week with a special dance partner – Justin Timberlake.

The pair, who were both participating in the Lake Tahoe tournament on Thursday and Friday, recreated the awkward arm-swinging move on the tee box after Ribeiro wiffed his drive.

Upon seeing Ribeiro’s disappointment, Timberlake, 34, consoled the Dancing With the Stars winner while simultaneously goading him into doing the dance.

The crowd, naturally, went wild for the nostalgia blast.

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Timberlake reshared a photo from the tournament on Friday, writing “BEST. GOLF. HOLE. EVER.”

In the image, Timberlake lounges, spread eagle, in the air while his teammates’s support his body.

Ribeiro also shared a photo from the event on Instagram, posing with the “Mirrors” singer and other golfers.

“Great day in Tahoe Edgewood with @justintimberlake and Johnathan Thomas of American Century,” he wrote.