The actor has a strange collection of medical curios, including an antique syringe, wooden tongue depressors and a huge plastic ear

By K.c. Blumm
Updated September 17, 2013 07:15 AM
Sebastian Kim / GQ

When Jennifer Aniston and her fiancé, Justin Theroux, moved into their newly renovated $21 million Bel Air mansion earlier this year, they both brought knick-knacks from their own homes to furnish their new love nest.

But there were a few items eccentric collector Theroux owned that Aniston just wouldn’t let in the front door.

In an interview with the October issue of GQ, Theroux, 42, is asked about the scene in When Harry Met Sally where Carrie Fisher’s character tells her boyfriend, Bruno Kirby, to ditch his wagon-wheel coffee table. Was there anything that Aniston, 44, told him he had to get rid of when they moved in together?

“My wagon-wheel table is my syphilis throats,” he replied.

It turns out the actor, who stars in the upcoming HBO series The Leftovers, collects medical ephemera, like antique glass syringes and wooden tongue depressors, and the throats he was referring to were “beautiful wax-museum pieces – handmade, from the 1800s – from a museum of curiosities. They’re just these open mouths, with tongues, and in the throats are different stages, labeled, of syphilis and gonorrhea and whatever.”

“They weren’t going to be above the fireplace anytime soon,” Theroux jokes, adding that he’s rehoused the curios in his L.A. office.

Something else that will probably remain in his three-bedroom N.Y.C. apartment? A candy dish of human teeth that sits on the coffee table in his bachelor pad.

“I know a dentist who saves those for me,” he says. “People often think they’re little mints. ‘Don’t eat the teeth!’ ”

But while Aniston doesn’t enjoy her fiancé’s taste in home furnishings there are other things that make up for it, like the fact that he’s terrible at sports.

“That’s one of the things Jen loves about me,” he admits.