Guarini is back on screen as "Lil' Sweet" in the new ad
Credit: Walter McBride/Getty

Does the guy in the new Diet Dr Pepper commercial look familiar to you?

Early American Idol fans, rejoice – it’s none other than Justin Guarini.

The 36-year-old singer and Broadway actor stars in the soda ad as “Lil’ Sweet.”

The commercial depicts a woman looking for a low-calorie but still-sweet beverage. Cue Guarini, who comes sliding in on his knees, dressed in a red wig and shiny metallic pants and hands her a Diet Dr Pepper.

The woman asks if Guarini works at the office and he sings back his response.

“No, Lil’ Sweet is self-employed,” he says as he slides back out of the office kitchen.

Guarini, best known known as the runner-up on American Idol‘s debut season in 2002, has since been working on independent film projects, hosting shows and starring on Broadway.

In 2013, he wrote on his blog that he skips meals in order to feed his kids.

He is a father to two sons, William Neko, 3, and Asher, 2, and a stepdad to Lola with wife Reina Capodici.

Guarini currently stars on Broadway in the musical Paint Your Wagon.