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The singer showed off his pal Joe Termini's injury from an encounter with a reef shark

July 06, 2015 01:35 PM

WARNING: This story contains graphic photos.

Shark week may now hit a little too close to home for Justin Bieber.

The pop star’s friend Joe Termini suffered injuries from a shark attack in Australia this weekend, a grisly incident that Bieber and the director documented on social media.

In one of the graphic photos, Termini lays on a deck with his eyes closed as he bleeds from his chest.

“Exactly why I hate sharks they told us reef sharks don’t bite,” Bieber wrote on Sunday.

A second photo, posted by Termini this time, shows a close up of the deep, bloody wound.

“It’s been a good day,” he wrote, in assumed sarcasm.

Bieber later Tweeted at his pal about the incident’s parallel to Discovery’s Shark Week, which started airing on Sunday.

“Hey @joe_termini it’s #SharkWeek lol,” the 21-year-old wrote.

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Reef sharks, like the one that allegedly attacked Termini, are typically docile to humans, according to Shark Sider. While they’re curious about divers and may swim closely, the website says they lose interest quickly and usually only attack when food is present or they feel threatened.

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