The singer credits "dummies pushing his fans and being overly aggressive" to ruining his big day

By Maggie Coughlan
March 04, 2013 11:00 AM
WeirPhotos/Splash News Online

It was a birthday for the record books.

Justin Bieber – who turned 19 on Friday – shared some strong feelings on Instagram and Twitter about what the singer has dubbed his "worst birthday."

Bieber, who was in London at the time, shared his frustrations over accusations that Will Smith‘s 14-year-old son joined him in a nightclub on Instagram on Sunday.

As the caption on a solid black image, the singer wrote, “The funny moment when people believe I brought underage people to a club.. U think Will is letting his 14 year old in a club, I don’t think so.”

He continued, “2nd I love how the club wanted to give the press another reason to why we didn’t stay at their weak a– club so they wouldn’t look bad for me walking in and right back out. I said ‘worst birthday’ but that was due to dummies pushing over my fans and being overly aggressive.”

Jaden echoed Bieber’s sentiment, Tweeting “I Gave Justin His Cartier Then Went Home,” on Saturday, which Bieber later shared a photo of on Instagram.

But in his moment of reflection, Bieber came full circle. “Btw it wasn’t the worst bday cuz all my friends from back home flew in I was just mad in the moment,” he said.