While the singer was joking about leaving music behind, we think it could actually serve him well down the road

By People Staff
December 19, 2013 01:50 PM
Jeoffrey Maitem/Getty

Even Justin Bieber will tell you it’s been a rough year for the 19-year-old, between his breakup with Selena Gomez and troubles with the law to burning bridges with fans.

So it’s not all together too surprising that on Tuesday, Bieber told Los Angeles radio station Power 106 that his upcoming album, Journals, would be his last.

“After the new album, uh, I’m actually, uh, I’m retiring man, I’m retiring,” he said. Soon after, sources close to the star confirmed it was a joke, but we’re not so sure that Bieber should retract his statement so quickly.

Being a teenager is a confusing time, whether you’re an internationally successful musician or simply a student, so having this time to himself could be just the ticket to right the troubled star’s path. Since he’s been on tour for most of the year, we put together a list of the things the singer might not have had time for, and how leading a normal life could lead to a better Bieber in 2014:

1. Catch Up on His Reading
Amazon named The Goldfinch, a novel that chronicles a teen boy’s struggle to overcome his mother’s death, its best book of the year, and we think it wouldn’t hurt Bieber to gain some perspective into what boys his age could be dealing with. Not to mention, developing a wider vocabulary could lead to more catchphrases for the star beyond “swag.”

2. Go to the Movies
The singer is recently single after his off-and-on relationship with Gomez came to an end earlier this year. For a young celeb who can sometimes be sheltered from the real world, perhaps a viewing of Spike Jonze’s Her, which tells the story of a man who falls in love with his computer’s operating system, is in order. It could serve as a warning for the star that there’s no replacement for true human connection.

3. Attend a Prom
Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the Kardashian clan, recently told Seventeen that what she really wants is a “boyfriend prom experience” – and who better to give it to her than Bieber? He should take a page from arguably the world’s most famous family (sorry, royals) and have a night out, regular teen style.

4. See the World (More)
Headlining an international tour has already started Bieber on this endeavor, and he’s even managed to do some good while making his way around the world, including visiting with victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. This is a trend we’d love to see more of from the singer, who could spend less time in questionable Brazilian establishments and more time in the streets lending a hand.

5. Enroll in College
In 2010, Bieber revealed aspirations to continue his higher learning, stating, “As Asher Roth says, I think college would be a blast.” To that we say: There’s no better time than the present! The singer expressed an interest in majoring in English, and really, what better way is there to up his lyricism skills?

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