Justin Bieber Rents Spaceship Mansion in Atlanta, But Is Still Looking to Buy

See the abode Bieber will call home for the next three months

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Following a tumultuous few months on both coasts, Justin Bieber is reportedly seeking refuge in the South, and he has made headlines for house-hunting in Atlanta.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star Josh Altman spoke with PEOPLE about the city’s high-end real estate market – and what the Biebs should be considering in his pursuit of a new pad.

Bieber already found a temporary residence below the Mason-Dixon line: For the next three months, the 19-year-old is allegedly renting out the Atlanta home of record producer Dallas Austin, as reported by TMZ.com. Austin is the man behind such hits as “They Don’t Care About Us” by Michael Jackson and “Don’t Let Me Get Me” by Pink.

Austin’s custom-built abode is famous, too. Bieber’s new four-bedroom pad appeared on a 2007 episode of MTV’s Cribs, standing out for its spaceship-like shape. The house also includes a game room, one-of-a-kind art installation and massive pool.

These digs will do for now, but Bieber is still rumored to be buying his own place in Atlanta.

Million Dollar Listing‘s Altman offered some house-hunting tips for the pop star.

Know Your Neighbors

In light of his alleged egg-throwing antics, the singer might consider dodging Atlanta’s stuffier areas. “Parts of Buckhead are going to be more ‘old money,’ and he probably should avoid that,” Altman tells PEOPLE. “I’m not sure if some of these neighborhoods are going to welcome him with open arms.”

Instead, the real estate expert says Bieber could opt for a more celebrity-saturated neighborhood (maybe near mentor Usher’s place?): “There’s lots of entertainers that live in Tuxedo Park,” Altman says. “That’s probably where he would end up – around his buddies in the music business.”

Take Miley‘s Advice

As Miley Cyrus so succinctly put it: “Party at your house. Buy a house, and add a club to it.”

With its “sprawling estates,” there’s room for such closed-door debauchery in Atlanta, Altman says. “A lot of them have private gardens, huge backyards surrounded by trees – nobody can look in, and you don’t really have to worry about your neighbor complaining,” the Bravo star says.

“That’s perfect for him. He can play his music as loud as he wants … and not really worry about anyone bothering him.”

And last but not least:

Size Matters

According to Altman, the Atlanta real estate market is much more affordable, even for a multi-million-dollar abode. “You get a lot more bang for your buck out there than you do out in L.A.,” he says. “Rumor has it that he needs a certain amount of square footage.”

One house the pop star has been looking at, Altman says, spans 10,000 feet. That’s a lot of space for Segway riding. “You can get a pretty tricked out house and have all the bells and whistles,” he says. “Tons of land, music studios, everything like that.”

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